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Hi, I’m your Billologist Jordan. My job is to save you money on your bills, at ZERO cost to you! Yes, I work for you, for free to save you money!

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Why use a Service like this?

Choice of Providers

We don’t give whole of market comparisons but we make sure we are partnered with leading providers who have stood the test of time, have excellent reviews, plans and offers and who provide our customers with an all round service we expect.

Save Time

Don’t spend hours looking at plans, offers and rates that may not make sense to you. Chat with a Billologist to find you a better price based on your current usage within minutes!

Expert local advice

Our Billologists are trained to assist you in finding the best plan to suit your needs and budget. They will talk you through the plans and rates available and arrange the connections and services for you.

Save Money

Electricity prices have increased by 50% over the last decade with an average Australian household now paying out about $1,549 a year, according to the ACCC.  Don’t pay more than you have to for electricity, gas and broadband let our Billologists do the research for you.


Everyone likes to arrange services differently, so we our Billologists can assist your via chat or over the phone. All you need to do is send through a current bill.


The Billologist service is independently owned so we are not owned by an energy retailer and we do not push one particular brand. We strive to offer choice and give our clients options.

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Once you upload your bill you will receive an email with next steps, and you can expect a follow-up with options for you to review within 2 business days.

We. Reduce. Your. Bills. Simple.

Some FAQ’s

  • We ask to see your current bills so we can give you an accurate quote with a new provider based on your current usage and hopefully at a much cheaper rate.
  • With Billologist you have the choice of multiple service providers for energy and broadband. We are independently owned to enable our customers to choose providers that suit their needs and budget.
  • Our service is free with no obligation to join a new provider if we can’t save you money.
  • Your data is always safe with us. You own your data and information, we never sell it onto external parties.

Seems like a no brainer doesn't it? Free Service, and Save Money, why wait?

We always get great feedback, why wouldn’t we, it’s win-win. We either save you money or we don’t, uploading your bill takes 20 seconds… then let us do the rest.

I've used a company like this before who only pushed one provider. Thanks for explaining my options and giving me a choice.

Jade Hall

Sent through my bills, they reviewed and I saved money. It was literally that easy... wow, thanks!

Alison Bailey

Switching providers is so confusing, thanks for explaining it all to me and saving me a couple of hundred a year.

Peter Harrison

I knew I could get a better deal but couldn’t be bothered spending hours on the phone. You guys made it painless and honestly enjoyed chatting to the assistant. Thanks 🙂

Freddy Chen

That was so easy, thank you! I hated doing it myself, now I know who to call.

Jack Killop

Billologist Technology

Our machine learning develops the best algorithms to find you the best deals.

Input Bills

Analyse Bills

Machine Learning


Provider Network

Output Savings

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We protect your information, we do not provide it to anyone until you approve us to switch you to the new provider, and we will NEVER sell your information to anyone at anytime.

Providers we work with

We have an ever expanding list of providers we work with, we want to make sure we find you the best possible offer. While we do not have whole of market providers, we make sure our partners fight for your business, and as always, there is no commitment to switch.